Hello everybody

We are very happy to welcome you on our new blog. Instead of the newsletter, we will provide you with news and thoughts from the RelaxRanch and hopefully entertain you here, along with our Insta- and facebook-posts.

About the current situation here at RelaxRanch: The Corona virus crisis is on everyone’s lips and you can’t get around it, even if you live in the idyllic and remote forest. Nevertheless, the situation here in Sweden seems to us to be more relaxed than in the neighbouring countries, nevertheless, with us (still) all shops, restaurants, cafés, hairdressers etc. are opened. But here, too, we call for a reasonable everyday life. Frequent washing of hands and no meetings in large groups or similar are taken to heart by everyone. The racks in the shops are not empty and you can also buy toilet paper in a relaxed way; so nobody is hoarding here. We offer help to the elderly people by going shopping for them so that they don’t have to go out and it all feels very relaxed. The gymnasium schools have been closed for two weeks now, but the primary and high schools are still open and the children are still going to school (some of the kids look enviously abroad 😉). However, we are aware that for many of you it is exhausting and nerve-racking that you are restricted in your freedom. We feel for you and hope for all of you that the situation will soon relax. Nature is visibly grateful for this break and also many people appreciate the “forced” deceleration and the being together with the family.

We at RelaxRanch spend a lot of time with the dogs in the forest and enjoy the silence and peace here in nature. We very much hope that the situation for all of you will soon relax and that our guests, who have booked this season with us, can start their vacation and enjoy carefree days with us after this exhausting time.

We are looking forward to seeing you and wish you all good luck in the meantime. Stay healthy and positive. Everything will be fine!

From the heart

Your RelaxRanch team

Martin, Ilvy and Tim