The days are getting shorter, the trees stretch their beautifully shining leaves into the blue sky and the first frost makes the meadows glisten white in the early morning. Some of the few guests who were able to visit us this year despite the global situation are enjoying their last days of holiday at the RelaxRanch in sunshine and blue skies.

As for many other entrepreneurs in the tourism industry, but also for many other small companies, this year was and is an enormous challenge. When we started our RelaxRanch last year, we could not have imagined that the world could change so much in such a short time. Now, more than ever, flexibility is the order of the day and it's all about survival and making the best of the situation. We and many others of course hope that it will soon be possible to travel carefree again and wish very much that many people will soon be able to enjoy the peace and quiet with us here in the untouched nature again.

A few more residents have moved in here at the RelaxRanch this summer 😊. In addition to our two dogs Jonna and Lucky, a flock of chickens with Giovanni the rooster, two horses named Lilla Q and Smart and Jacky the mouse hunter have moved in. So for the first time this year there have been more animals than people on the farm 😉 . But of course we hope that next year will be different again.

Peace, relaxation, nature and socialising in a small circle and with enough distance so that everyone can feel safe are the motto of the new yoga and deceleration weeks that we will be offering at the RelaxRanch from 2021. The maximum number of participants is 5, so everyone has their own little house. If desired, of course, a 2-occupancy can also be booked, everyone decides as they feel comfortable. Further information and dates of the yoga weeks can be found under Activities-Yoga Week, here on the website

Treat yourself to some time out in the Swedish forest! We look forward to seeing you!

In the meantime, we wish you a wonderful autumn in the most splendid colours and a glittering and bone-chilling winter with many cosy hours by the warming fireside and candlelight.

BTW: The Björnhuset and Älghuset houses can also be booked in winter 😊.

Varmt välkommen

Ilvy, Martin and Tim