Welcome 2023!

Hello dear ones!

After a long time again a sign of life from the RelaxRanch.

I am now not the one who facebook and co. her whole private life and all her thoughts kundtut. I also do not feel compelled to document my every move and impose my thoughts on you, because my motto is and has always been, less is more. But I am happy if I can put a smile on your face with my pictures and texts from time to time, make you think or just show you how wonderful it is here at RelaxRanch.

I have read a lot about the year 2022 in the last few days. Many people said goodbye to the old year with an angry kick in the butt of the same. This made me think more carefully about how the year 2022 was for me and amazed I felt a deep gratitude in me, completely free of resentment or anger.

The year has also brought many challenges for me and my family, if I may put it so modestly. The people who are close to me know what I am talking about. I can say that I went through hell in 2022 and I can't remember the last time I pushed my limits so hard.

And now, on January 1, 2023, I am sitting here at the laptop and my heart is filled with love, contentment and a new, incredible energy that catapults me into the new year. I am proud of myself that I have managed to put the broken mirror back together so that there is not even a single little hole anywhere.

And I feel gratitude for all the people who have supported me during these difficult times and this healing process. I am whole again. Healed. Strengthened. Finally arrived. And at the same time, I am setting out for new shores. Richly gifted by 2022, nothing can stop me now in 2023!

From the bottom of my heart I wish you a wonderful, fulfilling, healthy 2023 full of love, joy and exciting challenges.

Your Ilvy