Arrival and further info

RelaxRanch is located on the idyllic peninsula of Värmlandsnäs in the inland sea of Vänern. Here, in beautiful nature and very close to the water, our enchanting holiday farm is waiting for you and your family. A classic retreat for the best holiday of your life! The archipelago is at your doorstep. Wonderful sandy beaches await you here. Only 2 km away from our farm is the small leisure harbour "Ekenäs" with camping site, boat places, bus stop, restaurant, kiosk and fishing spots rich in fish. Unfortunately we do not have a permit for pitches on the farm, so we recommend this beautiful place to the campers among you. A Garden of Eden at the southern tip of the "Värmlandsnäs" peninsula.

You can reach us by car or by plane. The direct flight from Zurich to Gothenburg takes about 2 hours. From Gothenburg, the journey by rental car takes approx. 2.5 hours. We will gladly send you detailed directions together with the booking confirmation.

We recommend that you buy the most important groceries on your way to us. There is a small corner shop about 20 minutes from us, but it is not always open. The next bigger village is Säffle, where you will find good shopping facilities.

Dogs are welcome at the RelaxRanch. We look forward to welcoming your furry friends, but ask you to observe the following rules:

True to the motto: Other countries - other customs. And a poaching dog that hunts hares, red deer or similar is also prohibited in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

The first thing to think about is the Swedish Everyman's Right (Allemansrätt). This rule states that there is a general leash requirement in Sweden from 1 March to 20 August. During the other periods, the dog can run free, but it should be so well trained that it listens when called. Otherwise, there is always the option of using a drag leash in the Swedish forests, which is available in various lengths (3-15 metres), to give the dog the necessary exercise.

You can take your dog with you into Swedish cities and towns, but please note that it is not allowed in shops, restaurants, cafés, etc. The reason for this is that there may be Swedish citizens who are allergic to pet dander and may feel disturbed when eating in restaurants. The reason for this is that there may be Swedish citizens who are allergic to animal hair and may feel disturbed by this when visiting restaurants. Therefore, it should be considered from the outset whether it is absolutely necessary to take the dog with you to the small Swedish town or whether it is better to leave it in good hands for a short time in the holiday home. We can also offer dog-sitting for a few hours by arrangement.

The ferry crossings are also very smooth, provided a few rules are observed. On some ferry crossings, especially the longer ones, special dog cabins can be booked and the dogs are offered a place to relieve themselves. But here, too, the rule is that the dog may not be taken into the restaurant, but must remain in the cabin.

Despite the rules of conduct that should be observed when holidaying in Sweden with your dog, Swedish nature offers endless opportunities to spend a relaxing holiday with your four-legged friend.