Welcome to RelaxSpirit

I am very pleased that your path has led you to me.

What I am: A person who, like many other people, has gone through ups and downs, has taken on challenges, grown with them and continues to do so. I am authentic, have my heart on my sleeve, love to shine, spread cheerfulness and joy and am a humorous and emphatic person :-). Thanks to my sensitivity and empathy, I also perceive the quiet tones and am therefore able to read between the lines. I am not a "guru", I am neither perfect nor infallible and I am only "enlightened" to a certain extent 😉 And as a teenage mother, I was not always the most balanced person. I don't have a lease on the "truth", but deep down I feel what makes me happy as a soul and how wonderful it feels to be in harmony and in the flow of life and to vibrate with the energies of the universe.

What I offer you: If you want to feel 💖unstoppable💖 again, then I would be happy to accompany you on your path of further development.

I look forward to seeing you!

bho anam gu anam - from soul to soul





Jin Shin Jyutsu®




8-day retreat 💖unstoppable💖


4-week ONLINE retreat 💖unstoppable💖