Hello dear ones

Here in Sweden, the situation remains relatively relaxed. All shops, restaurants and cafés are open. However, even here it is pointed out everywhere that you should keep the 2-metre distance, wash and disinfect your hands, sneeze into elbows and stay at home if you feel ill. And people here adhere to these guidelines very well. Many elderly people have voluntarily gone into quarantine at home and we support them by running errands for them and keeping in touch by phone so that they don't lose contact with the outside world altogether.

We have already been asked several times that the current political approach of completely contaminating the population is very questionable. We don't really want to take a political stand here, but we would like to point out that we are not being irresponsibly exposed to an epidemic here just because there is not a complete state of emergency and panic. If you look at the current figures of illnesses and deaths, you would probably have to acknowledge that we have no more cases here than in isolated foreign countries. But swimming against the mainstream is not easy, of course, and we hope that Sweden will keep its course. But that's just in passing.

We at RelaxRanch have 9ha of forest, the houses are far apart and each house has its own garden area. So keeping a safe distance of 2 metres is easy 😊.

However, we understand if some of you would prefer to postpone your trip due to the situation and offer you the possibility to make up your holiday within 12 months from the booked arrival date in 2020 (+/- 7 days). However, as the situation can change very quickly, we hope to see you this year. However, if you already know that you would prefer to postpone your trip, we would be grateful if you could let us know as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we wish you all the best, hang in there and stay healthy. We look forward to seeing you this year or in 2021!

Varmt välkommen

Your RelaxRanch Team

Martin, Ilvy and Tim