Winter Landscape RelaxRanch

I have started writing this article a whopping 8 times, and now, having started the 9th time, I am going to jettison all that I originally wanted to write. Because there's no point in regurgitating events, since you're bombarded with them every day, and even out here in solitude it makes it hard not to fall into gloomy ruminations.

And that is why this text to all our returning and future guests should be a joy-bringing ray of hope. So that as many people as possible may visit this wonderful place here with us in the near future and bring body, mind and soul back into harmony after all the emotional strain.

Here at the RelaxRanch, time seems to stand still. The fact that without social media, without TV and radio, we wouldn't be able to hear anything at all about what's going on in the outside world makes me think. The whole global network may well have many advantages. And I am happy and glad to be able to keep in touch with so many dear people who are far away via the internet, but sometimes it also means pure stress. And every day I face the challenge of filtering what is good for me and what is not. What is necessary to know and what is not. Where can I personally make a difference and where not. What serves exclusively to manipulate me, to weaken my inner light, and what does not. What is "true" and what is not. And that is why I search for it again every day. What is "my truth".

And "my truth" is that the RelaxRanch should be a place where people are happy. A place where there is something for everyone who wants to maintain their inner glow and who, against all odds, keeps trying to stay with themselves. People who love to be one with nature. Who realise that the power and healing that nature gives us is the greatest gift of all.

A place where you can be all to yourself, withdraw and recharge your batteries with just you. And at the same time, a place where children run around, barbecue evenings and yoga classes are held together. You can take the kids out fishing on Lake Vänern and roast the fish you've caught on the fire on one of the many islands.

Maybe you are also someone who works in a home office and can move your office anywhere? Grab your laptop and come to us for 1-2 months. Long-term rentals are also possible at RelaxRanch by arrangement.

And while the moose is already eating the hay for our horses in front of the house again and I sit like this in the office and think to myself that it is actually impossible to put into words how fantastic it is here, I see the clouds drifting along in the sky and a deep calm arises inside me. Because the world keeps turning, unstoppable. And that is comforting, gives hope, confidence and courage. And I am so happy when we soon welcome YOU with us. In this sense: Be the light and stay strong! Everything will be fine!


Your Ilvy